Marian Cramer

Unseen at the gallery

From 19-09-2020 To 18-10-2020

Güler Ates, Amer Fort and Orange Yellow (V).66.8 x 90cm, Fine Print on Hahnemuhle, 2020
Lucy Cordes Engelman, Our Earth May Depend Upon, 2020, Fine Print on dibond, Hahnemuhle German Etching, 40,9x 49,4 cm

Miguel Milló, Silencia, Print on cotton paper, 2029, 180 x 124 cm
Siyue Pan, Harmony between Land and Nature, 2020, Print on Cotton Rag, 40 x 70 cm

Güler Ates
Lucy Cordes Engelman
Miguel Milló
Siyue Pan