Marian Cramer


‘Nuedexta (shed more tears for you than the ocean)’

From 08-09-2018 To 18-10-2018

by appointment until 18th October

The Gallery is open by appointment Tuesday to Saturday 12 am-6pm

For Adham Faramawy’s second solo show at Marian Cramer Projects, Adham will present new video, sculpture and print works.

Adham uses a series of collage and layering techniques dislodging images from their surfaces, using these devices to confront the construction of desire, the failure of affect, and dysmorphic relationships to body image corresponding to increasing of science fictive tropes in advertising, marking an overlap between the marketing of medical products and procedures and cosmetics. 

Throughout the video and collage works, performances of vitality collapse into an oily itching, aching skin-hunger, frustrated by ruptures in the surfaces of the image, giving way to an ecstatic, orgiastic metamorphosis of bodies, materials and products.

Titled after the drug Nuedexta, used in the treatment of psuedobulbar affect, or emotional incontinence, this is a show ostensibly exploring the short circuit between affect and signifier.

Adham recently presented a show on BBC Radio4 titled VR: The Art of Immersion, his video piece “Makeup Tutorial” will screen on Channel 4 with Random Acts in autumn 2018 and he is currently working on two 360 video commissions for Collusion in Cambridge, The Box in Plymouth and has been awarded a year long Near Now fellowship developing augmented reality performance.

Adham Faramawy (b. Dubai, 1981) lives and works in London.