Marian Cramer

by Prem Sahib

From 07-02-2018 To 11-02-2018


                                  Prem Sahib, Horizons XII, 2018, Silicone rubber, steel, 54 x 13.5 x 10,5 cm


Peter Bogers, Linked Realities, 2018, video installation, double projection, beamers, cord


Victoria Adam, Sunset Bathrooms (gentle), 2018, Ceramic, aluminous cement, soap, 30 x 45 x 7  cm




by Prem Sahib

From 27-11-2015 To 27-01-2016

Marian Cramer Projects is proud to present “5 Alumni Royal Academy Schools London’, an exhibition featuring work by Victoria Adham, Adham Faramawy, Daniel Lipp, Joe Frazer and Prem Sahib.


foto’s Fabian Landewee



by Prem Sahib

From 30-11-2013 To 07-01-2014

Marian Cramer Projects is pleased to present the second solo exhibition by the London artist Prem Sahib (1982) in the gallery. Prem Sahib’s works and installations explore both abstract and autobiographical themes. He is known for his minimalist sculptures with an affinity for simple geometry and sparse palettes.

The show will feature cast footballs that appear to have been kicked or rolled in from the outside (Stray II), a new series of tile works pierced by fake diamond earrings arranged in constellation–like compositions, as well as a new silver sweat panel (Work that body IX).

A video projection Another Night, made from Sahib’s father’s VHS recording of fireworks in their garden during Sahib’s childhood, can be watched from a crash mat.

Recent solo exhibitions include Night Flies at Southard Reid, and Frieze Frame presentation, Back Chat, Lorcan O’Neill Gallery, Rome, 2013, Home From Home, Arts & Jobs, London, He Looked Me Up, Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam, and FEEL UP in collaboration with Eddie Peake, Southard Reid, London, 2012.  Group exhibitions include Abstract Cabinet, David Roberts Foundation London, Days In Lieu, David Zwirner, London, 2013.  Performances include Woman to Woman, Gallery Vela, London, 2012, Bijou, IBID Projects, London, and Darkroom with Eddie Peake, Vogue Fabrics, Take Courage London 2011. He lives and works in London. Sahib is a 2013 graduate of the Royal Academy Schools in London and winner of the Gold Medal with distinction.

Booth 49

by Prem Sahib

From 06-02-2013 To 10-02-2013


Marian Cramer Projects


6-10 February 2013, Rotterdam |

Annabel Emson

Lidy Jacobs

Vion Pan (RAW China Expo)

Prem Sahib

PREM SAHIB He Looked Me Up

by Prem Sahib

From 08-09-2012 To 21-10-2012

Marian Cramer Projects is pleased to present, ‘He Looked Me Up‘, a solo exhibition by the London artist Prem Sahib. Following on from his previous show ‘home from home’ at Arts & Jobs, London, Sahib offers a new body of work that comprises of a series of panel paintings, glass and steel works in intimate conversation with one another.

Working predominately in sculpture, Sahib’s work is informed by an elegant language of display, codifying minimalist forms with anecdotes that stem from the autobiographic. Extending from the gallery space, Sahib will place work throughout the domestic interior of the house, inviting viewers to look him up, or rather the work, as it sits amongst the existing collection and objects in the home.

Recent solo exhibitions include Home from Home, Arts & Jobs, London (2012). Selected performance works include Woman to Woman, Gallery Vela, London, Bijou, IBID Projects, London (2011); Darkroom a performance with Eddie Peake, Take Courage, London (2011). Recent group exhibitions include Interpretations of the Frame and Gesture, Meulensteen Gallery, New York, (2012); Ruby, Gallery Vela, London (2012); Premiums, 6 Burlington Gardens, London (2012).

Prem Sahib is currently in the final year of his Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Royal Academy in London. He received an MA in Material Visual Culture from University College London and his BA in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art. He has exhibited in 18 exhibitions, including a group exhibition Boyfriend Material, which he also curated at LIANGWEST in London. His most recent solo exhibition Home from Home was held at Frieze curator Sarah McCrory’s domestic gallery, Arts and Jobs in June 2012. He is currently working on a video project with Eddie Peake for Southard Reid in London.

Sahib’s work is derived from issues within queer theory and gay culture. He predominantly works in sculpture, creating minimal works that fragment symbols and make references to subterranean homosexual nightlife. A defining example of his work The Future of City Living II pays homage to Gay Raves by rendering glow sticks from strip lights, which are then filled with paint to offer them vivid color and disrupt the quality of the glass from being light and fragile, instead becoming a heavy piece of weighted matter.

Prem Sahib works and lives in London.

Prem Sahib

PREM SAHIB b. 1982

Education 2010- Current 2009 2006

Selected Exhibitions Forthcoming:

2012 2011

2011 2010 2009 2009 2008 2008 2008 2007 2006 2006 2005 2005 2005

Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art, The Royal Academy Schools, London MA Material & Visual Culture, University College London BA Fine Art, The Slade School of Fine Art, London

‘BIJOU’, Aubin Gallery, London

‘Ruby’, A group exhibition curated by Eddie Peake, Gallery Vela, London

Exhibition with Eddie Peake, Southard Reid, London

Solo Exhibition, Arts & Jobs, London

‘Premiums Interim Projects’, 6 Burlington Gardens, London

‘Darkroom’, a performance in the dark in collaboration with Eddie Peake, Take Courage & Vogue Fabrics, London

‘BIJOU’, in conjunction with Anthea Hamilton, IBID projects, London ‘Boyfriend Material’, Curated by Prem Sahib, LIANGWEST, London ‘Overzealous’, INTRODUCING, Guest Projects, London ‘Make Your Own Kaleidoscope’, Tricycle Gallery, London

‘Ctrl Alt Delete’, Gallery Priestor/ Space Gallery, Bratislava ‘Drawing Under Construction’, Centre for Recent Drawing, London ‘New Work by...’, Truck Art in arrangement with Art:Concept, Paris ‘The Later Notice Show’, Cavell Street, London ‘New Work by...’ Truck Art in arrangement with Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd, London ‘I Can’t Think of Anything’ Galerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne, Germany ‘Fair Play’ Play Gallery, Berlin, Germnay Prague Biennale 2 Prague, Czech Republic Flash Art Fair Milan, ItalyPress March 2012

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July 2006

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