Pepi Schikowski

Pepi Schikowski paints spontaneous and impulsive images, created with vigorous energy, joy, and strong curiosity.

An orange face, a village by sunset, or a smiling person showing their literal hourglass body are just a few of the larger-than-life-size figures portrayed in Schikowski’s wild brushstrokes and saturated colors.

Schikowski draws every day, making sketches and scribbles, both analog and digital. These sketches result in a growing collection spread across his studio, which forms the basis of his works. On a daily basis, he is looking around his workspace, browses through his sketches, and chooses one to turn into a painting. Working fast and energetic, it takes him only a couple of hours to finish a work. He strives to keep it as quick, intuitive, and honest as possible, feeding the belief that the painting needs to be done the second it starts to want to exist.

Carried out in monumental proportions, the immediacy and a striking dedication to the poetry of painting lead the creative process. By working in series, he is capable of experimenting with different approaches on how to make a painting, simultaneously keeping a playful challenge.

In this series, Schikowski is interested in both making a drawing and painting one. By closely mimicking the feeling of a quick sketch on the large scale, the intuitive speed and ease extend onto the canvas. Blocking in the figures into a tight colorful background equally locks them in place and sets them afloat.

Pepi Schikowski graduated from HKU 2022 and is a winner of the Buning Brongers Prijzen 2022

Schikowski works and lives in Berlin, Germany