It’s nice to be smiled at

From 04-03-2017 Until 11-05-2017

Joe Frazer It's nice to be smiled at Marian Cramer Projects 26

Presenting a series of new wall based sculptures, digital print & watercolour paintings

Following “I’m not in the mood” Joe Frazer’s second solo show at the project space ‘It’s nice to be smiled at’ presents a series of new works – wall based sculptures, a digital print and a collection of watercolour paintings.

Working predominately in sculpture, Frazer makes elegant sculptures using a variety of materials and processes. The works act as autobiographical surrogates, repeated fashionings towards counterfeit mug-shots of the artist and his desires. Measured flamboyancy, particular embellishments and flirtations take centre stage.

Using early work of Rietveld as inspiration the simple aluminium structures and primary colour planes act as bathroom vanity stations – the polished metal acknowledging the chromed metal of bathroom towel rails. The colours of each unit ,which reference De Stijl , can be seen as different colour coded zones within an environment.

Upon these structures toweling bath-robe belts are hung, tied and draped. The garments to which they belong aren’t present, suggesting an unknown physical moment.

Resting on top of the structures are organic loofahs – body exfoliators or back scratchers visibly stained, like the rim of a bathtub after a long soak.

Exploring the idea of concealing and what we choose to expose – both intimately and publicly these new works are predominantly about absorption- emotionally and materially. The human body leaving a trace on the objects but also the emotional aspect of what it alludes to.

The watercolours are one or two tones depicting folded, creased woven fabric. The painted fragment of clothing covering a physical form or human gesture.

Joe Frazer, Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Royal Academy in London was chosen as one of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013. He previously studied Art & Art History Goldsmiths College 2002-2005 and was a guest student in Mark Leckey’s Film Class, Hfbk Staedelschule, Frankfurt 2008-2009.

Selected shows include –

Fashion Arts Commissions – The British Fashion Council & Royal Academy of Arts – Joe Frazer and Agi & Sam, Christie’s, Piccadilly, London 2016. Joyride, KINMAN NY, Manhattan, New York 2015 , ‘I Love you Me either’, Project Native Informant, Mayfair, London 2014, “Open Heart Surgery” The Moving Museum, London 2013, “Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013”, Spike Island, Bristol & ICA, London 2013.

Joe Frazer works and lives in London.