Golden Exit


From 24-11-2012 Until 30-12-2012

cominting 180x150cm

By appointment until 31 January 2013


Location: Gabriel Metsustraat 2-6, Amsterdam

(On Museumplein opposite new entrance of Stedelijk Museum)




Marian Cramer Projects is proud to present the second solo show with new works by the British London based artist Annabel Emson.

This selection of paintings by Annabel Emson reflects her continued questioning of the bordering territories of abstraction and figuration. She is creating a language in paint to describe a non descript world made up of sensations, intuitions, memories and relationships with the world around her, as well as the world appearing on the canvas.

The pieces start as a hint of something, a certain light or tone; as the first strokes are laid down the beginning of a relationship is formed; one that will evolve into a dialogue where the painting is painting itself, and the painter responding as an extension of the brush.

Her work speaks in paint about a world other than this, where gravity is defied and space and flatness lie contradicting each other on the same picture plane. Areas, sometimes whole paintings, are concealed; veiled from vision. Suggestions of what is or wasr occurring murmur through the screens of paint.

These places are where the artist escapes to try and make sense of the environment she lives in, except here she can explore the landscape without the traditional scientific borders that entangle her in the concreteness of reality. Moving beyond the constraints of physics she seeks to free her work form the traditional laws and rules that prevent the unexplainable being seen. Constantly excited about giving a face to the unknown; an alchemist at heart she seeks to transform tinted oil and cotton into something beyond itself that reflects the miracle of imagination.

The titles, like the painted images, reflect a word or words that are an amalgamation of poetry and meaning. These words are the prose partners to the visual experience. They are not comprehensible through a dictionary, they just explain themselves and the painting in an ununderstood way.

Like life the works are just one woman’s way of making sense of the structures both internal and external, spiritual and sensual that envelope her in the human experience.

Annabel studied at Cheslea College of Art and Design and completed her Masters in Fine Art at the Slade. Her work is currently held in a number of private international collections including the Saatchi Collection, Beth De Woody, Berger Collection, and  the Gmurzynska Gallery Private Collection. She has exhibited in London (Kenny Schachter Projects and Ibid Projects), Los Angeles (Marine Contemorary), Switzerland (Gallery Gmurzynska), Mallorca ( C’an Marques Museum), Spain (Castellon Museum), Venice (Print Museum).

The exhibition will be open during the


Amsterdam Art Weekend from November 30th until December 2nd 2012

Open: Wednesday – Sunday 1-5 pm