Marian Cramer

by Victoria Adam

From 07-02-2018 To 11-02-2018


                                  Prem Sahib, Horizons XII, 2018, Silicone rubber, steel, 54 x 13.5 x 10,5 cm


Peter Bogers, Linked Realities, 2018, video installation, double projection, beamers, cord


Victoria Adam, Sunset Bathrooms (gentle), 2018, Ceramic, aluminous cement, soap, 30 x 45 x 7  cm




Victoria Adam

by Victoria Adam

From 30-01-2016 To 12-03-2016



Victoria Adam’s first solo exhibition in Amsterdam at Marian Cramer Projects, Leks, is a collection of new sculptures exploring ideas of personal space, chance connection, desire and derision.

Adam makes sculptures intended to be experienced close-up and draw people into their intimacy. Borrowing from the world of the health and beauty aisle, domestic space and contemporary anxieties, the works often make use of tactile and sensually appealing materials.

Through the methods of their making, these objects are usually intensely handled and worked, resulting in a contrast between cleanly polished surfaces and hands-on grubbiness.

Leks is suggestive of personal space played out in public; cosmetics counter makeovers, the smell of body odour during rush-hour, hair salon shop fronts, eating on airplanes; experiences that for the most part are carried out in privacy – grooming, feeding, tending to the body – exacted in public and their relative pleasures, rituals and awkwardnesses.

Victoria Adam (b. Somerset, 1983) lives and works in London and graduated from Royal Academy of Art in 2015.

Recent exhibitions include middens at Kingsgate Workshops, London, 2015,  ( ゜_゜)彡 at Caustic Coastal, Manchester, 2014 and Chalk Blush at Kinman, London, 2014. Adam was also part of the show 5 Royal Academy Alumni at Marian Cramer Projects during Amsterdam Art Weekend 2015.


by Victoria Adam

From 27-11-2015 To 27-01-2016

Marian Cramer Projects is proud to present “5 Alumni Royal Academy Schools London’, an exhibition featuring work by Victoria Adham, Adham Faramawy, Daniel Lipp, Joe Frazer and Prem Sahib.


foto’s Fabian Landewee



Victoria Adam

Victoria Adam

Lives and works London




2012 - 2015 Post Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Royal Academy Schools, London

2002 - 2006 BA Fine Art, Slade School of Art, London




LEKS (Solo show)          Marian Cramer Projects Amsterdam, 2016


middens❧ (Solo show) Kingsgate Workshops, London, 2015


SoLow - 5 (Solo show) Caustic Coastal, Manchester, 2015


RA Schools Graduation Show Royal Academy of Art Schools, London, 2015


Joel Wyllie & Victoria Adam Kennington Space, London, 2015


Premiums, RA Interim show Royal Academy of Art, London, 2014


Caustic Coastal x Manchester Contemporary (Art Fair) Manchester, 2014


( ゚_ ゚)彡 Caustic Coastal, Manchester, 2014


Chalk Blush Kinman, London, 2014


BB#8: Dawdle Curated by Gareth Bell­-Jones, Space, London, 2013

Contested Ground Curated by Goldsmiths' Curating MFA /RCA Curating

Contemporary Art MA, 176 Gallery, London, 2009


A Stiff Bandeau Tricycle Gallery, London, 2009


Crayon That I’m Holding Tricycle Gallery, London, 2008


Drawing Under Construction Centre for Recent Drawing, London, 2008




Materials Residency : Clay, Kingsgate Artists Residency, London, 2015-2016


Summer Residency at Basket House Village Universe, London, 2011



RA Schools Sculpture Award, 2015

Frank and Lady Short Prize, 2014